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Brand Identity Design & Makeovers

Cinderella would never have made it past palace security, let alone capture the attention of a prince, dressed in her everyday rags. But arriving in a glass coach pulled by 6 white horses? In that dress? And those glass shoes? They fell over themselves to help her in. That visual brand identity makeover changed her life. …more >>

Custom Web Design and Mobile App Interface

Just as an architect designs a building for each client's specific needs, so we design each website and/or mobile app to fit your needs, both in function and visual appeal. Here are our recommendations, depending on the size of your business. …more >>

User Experience (UX) Design

In collaboration with your marketing team, we analyze your target audience in order to create the best possible experience for them, whether it's for a mobile app, a website, or a social media community. This guides decisions about visual design elements (colors, typography, art styles, mascots), tone of voice and style in the copy, as well as the pace and flow of your site. The goal is a frictionless path for your customer, to increase engagement and conversion rates. The long-term benefit is a stronger emotional connection between your brand and your audience.

social media and content marketing

We love social media. We've been active on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+ and Pinterest for years. Having set up and managed pages and content on these social networks for many clients, we would be happy to do the same for you.

illustration, photography & art direction

Often clients need help sourcing quality art, either in the form of illustration or photography. We have provided art direction and supervision for countless photo shoots and commissioned illustration work. We can also find you high quality stock photography when needed, and recommend a local professional photographer and stylist for your corporate portrait and on-site business photography.

surface and textile design

Are you interested in a custom pattern or a series of illustrations for use on textiles or a variety of other surfaces? We can design an exclusive package for your company, promotion or in-house merchandise line. We can also help you with wearable technology prototypes. Please see for examples.

Q: How does the process work?

A: You contact us for a free consultation so that ...more >>

Q: What if I don't like the end results?

A: We guarantee you will. ...more >>

Q: How much will it cost?

A: That rather depends on you. ...more >>

Q: Will I own the work?

A: Yes, once it's paid in full, you will be ...more >>

Q: Do you work with small business?

A: We work with any sized business. ...more >>

Q: Do you offer other services?

A: Yes. We provide ongoing brand management and marketing services. ...more >>

Can we meet with you face-to-face?

Yes. We're happy to travel to meet ...more >>

Q: Which currencies do you accept?

A: We accept USD, CAD and AUD. ...more >>

Q: What does "lifestyle category" mean?

A: The "lifestyle category" is a catch-all expression for anything that enhances your personal life. It is the "life" in "work-life" balance. It usually involves beauty, fun, or relaxation. Lifestyle branding is aspirational and uplifting, and tends to be upscale in its appeal. ...more >>